Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another Year Flies By

The last year was awesome. I have been flying 182s and the 172RG, in preparation for my commercial checkride, which was actually scheduled sometime in February before we called it off due to a lack of cooperation by the weather, and a good level of underpreparation by me. Then I took a couple of months off, then took another couple of flights to remember how things work, then took another couple of months off.

Now here I am, with four days to go before it becomes a full year since the first of my last six instrument approaches. I have a flight scheduled today, in which we'll do at least three of those approaches -- let's see how I do. In my two flights in April, I couldn't even set up a VFR pattern consistently. I'm just eager to get back in the air!

In other news, there was an airplane crash in Palo Alto a couple of days ago. Thankfully everyone lived, and hopefully the aircraft does as well -- the plane sitting upside down in the marsh is N222MF, in which I completed my instrument checkride.

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