Friday, December 28, 2012

Night Landings in an Arrow

The short version: I went out last night and did three takeoffs and landings to a full stop in the Arrow, renewing my night currency.

The details skipped by that version could fill a novel!  I won't write one here and now, but a few highlights:

  • The power, beauty and grace of lifting off into the night sky
  • Putting the gear up - I always feel like this is an indication of the beginning of a journey, even if that journey is just once around the pattern.
  • The reflection of an almost-full moon off of an almost-perfectly-calm San Francisco Bay
  • The rush of wind as the faulty door latch failed yet again, allowing the door to open a crack (sigh..old planes..)
  • Turning crosswind, and thinking, "Maybe I should just keep going."
  • Turning final and seeing one red light, one white light (and three very important green lights)
  • Leveling, powering back and hearing "squeak, squeak" as the tires kiss the runway

Hopefully I can make it out of the pattern next time!

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